Designing for IE6 means you must consider its lack of support for PNG transparency. There are many PNG hacks out there, I prefer this one from Unit Interactive Labs .  The problem with this one is that it has to read through the whole page searching for PNGs to fix which cna make load times noticable slower.  I was trying top find a faster solution when I remembered that SharePoint uses PNGs on some of its pages.

On the all items view of most lists Sharepoint uses a png image.  Built into the core code is a png fix that allows this image to work in IE6.  You can take advantage of  the built in png fix by using the  following tag:

<asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="YourPlaceHolderName"
<SharePoint:ViewIcon Width="widthInPx" Height="heightInPx" runat="server"></asp:Content>

The tag will need to be inside of a content placeholder tag.  You can name the placeholder whatever you want that makes sense.  The placeholder canb be wrapped in a DIV tag for positioning purposes.

The ViewIcon tag will require a width and height to render properly and will not work for background images.

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