Print Stylesheet for List Views

Hides everything except the list and the breadcrumbs. More posts coming later this week.

*{ background-image:none; /* remove all background images */ }
.ms-sbcell, /* search box at top of page */
.ms-topnavContainer, /*horizontal nav container */
img, /*images */
.ms-globalbreadcrumb, /*breadcrumbs */
.ms-titleareaframe, /* page image */
.ms-siteactionsmenu, /*site actions menu */
.ms-pagemargin, /* left margin beside quick launch*/
.ms-quickLaunch, /* quick launch menu */
.ms-sitetitle, /* name name */
.ms-menutoolbar, /* list tool bar */
.ms-pagetitle /* page title */
{ display:none; visibility:hidden; /*width:0px; height:0px;*/
.ms-pagetitleareaframe table {
position:absolute; top:1px;
.ms-bodyareaframe { /*remove border around main content*/


Dave is a SharePoint developer and graphic designer based in the DC area.

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